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John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum Review



Immediately following the events of John Wick 2, our favorite assassin (played by Keanu Reeves) is now on the run from New York City’s “High Table” of the crime underworld. With a huge bounty on his head, John Wick has every assassin in New York City after him. Wick must survive by any means and make sure he can take out as many enemies as possible in the process.

John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum is rated R for pervasive strong violence, and some language

What Worked:

From the opening scene to rolling credits, fans are flooded with what make this franchise so entertaining. The film is basically two hours of non-stop action. The fight choreography and stunt work of the last two films continues to improve with each entry. Keanu Reeves does an amazing job...

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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Movie Review Highlights Every Detail



While investigating the disappearance of his father, Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) befriends his father’s partner in crime, Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds). Thankfully, Pikachu is a detective and has an eye for piecing together clues. He must now aid Tim on his detective journey to solve the mystery of his father’s sudden vanishing.

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Terry Fator to Perform at Silver Creek Event Center

FourWindsLogoThe Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians’ Four Winds® Casinos are pleased to announce Terry Fator will make a stop at Silver Creek® Event Center on Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 9 p.m. ET. Ticket prices for the show start at $59 plus applicable fees and can be purchased beginning Friday, May 3 at 10 a.m. ET by visiting, or by calling (800) 745-3000. Hotel rooms are available on the night of the Terry Fator performance and can be purchased with event tickets.

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Marvel’s Anvengers: Endgame is full of twist and turns and a satisfactory ending to a decade-long journey


Rating: 9/10


The effects of Avengers: Infinity War have left civilization in ruins. However, the remaining Avengers may have found hope for one final chance to defeat the Mad Titan Thanos. The Avengers must reunite once again in order to reverse Thanos’s snap, and bring stability back to the universe.

Avengers: Endgame is rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and some language

What Worked

To begin, director Joe and Anthony Russo did an amazing job of creating a story that deviates from the source material substantially. The final product presents us with an unpredictable adventure that continues to make you ponder its gravity long after you leave the theatre. This is a big scale movie with a vast amount of different characters. Thankfully, everybody has their key moments and it...

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Duo Sequenza performs in celebration of National Chamber Music Month


Duo Sequenza will perform their all-new concert, “We’ve Got Rhythm!” at the Memorial Opera House, 104 Indiana Avenue, Valparaiso, Indiana, on Wednesday, May 8 at 7:30 pm in celebration of National Chamber Music Month, a nationwide initiative to draw attention to small ensemble performance. This will be the duo’s 5th Annual National Chamber Music Concert featuring a cornucopia of music written for flute and classical guitar by American composers. A Meet and Greet at the Cash Bar begins at 7:00 pm.

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Pet Sematary Review


Rating: 7/10

Overview: Doctor Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) wants the opportunity to spend more time with his wife and children. He decides to relocate out of the busy city and into a rural house on a large plot of forest land. Contained in this forest is a pet cemetery that sits on an old Indian burial ground. This burial ground contains many mysterious secrets that seem destined to be explored by Dr. Creed.

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Walt Disney's 2019 "Dumbo" Brings warm message with new twists

Dumbo-Poster-2019-002 (1)

Rating: 8/10

Overview: The once famous Medici Circus has fallen on tough times in the early 1900’s. The United States is suffering from World War I and the Circus is struggling to provide fresh entertainment to customers. However, owner Max Medici (Danny Devito) may have found a way to solve his issues. One of his elephants gives birth to a baby with extremely large ears and other hidden gifts. Medici must try to use baby Dumbo to enliven interest from his customers and save his business.

Dumbo is rated PG for peril/action, some thematic elements and brief mild language

What Worked: There were many aspects of the 2019 remake of Dumbo that were executed very well. To begin, I thought that the acting was very solid. The two main actors carrying the movie were Max Medici...

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Jordan Peele's 'Us' proves he's a master of the horror genre


Rating: 8/10

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Marvel's new leading lady doesn’t disappoint


Overview: Vers (Brie Larson), a member of an alien race known as the Kree is having nightmares involving an older human woman from her past. It seems as if Vers has lived multiple lives across different timelines and is having issues knowing what is real. In order to compose her mind and abilities, Ver’s mentor Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) willingly trains her to become a powerful warrior for Starforce. Unexpectedly, an accidental bypass to planet Earth places Vers in an intergalactic battle between the Kree, and a shapeshifting alien race know as the Skrulls. Vers must now harness her abilities to bring stability to the galaxy.

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Movie Review: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part


Rating: 7/10

This animated sequel picks up five years after the story of the original Lego Movie, where everything is no longer “awesome.” The main character, Emmet Brickowski, played by Chris Pratt, always finds a way to enjoy his Lego life. That is, until his friends are abducted from their planet and taken to outer space! Emmet makes it his mission to rescue his friends and bring the “awesome” back home.

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MegaBeatles Sing the Classics of Abbey Road to Kick Off 2019 Season at Memorial Opera House


Let It Be. Hey Jude. Yesterday. These songs, and many more like them, are the soundtrack of our lives. Just mentioning them conjures memories, takes us back to a different time, and we can’t help but sing along.

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